I have already read the your articles:

Search Engine Friendly URLs and
SEO for Ecommerce Sites

I have developed an online product catalogue, http://www.thirdworldmedia.com/shop/, which later on I want to run it into a e-commerce site,

My problem is after reading your articles which are well informative, I could not really understand how to include your ideas in my site.

Please if you can how can I make my site to be listed on search engine such as google, please give me some basic illustration, am also using session id.

Already the site is running but it's not listed on google search engine.

Also I have noted your site http://www.websitepublisher.net/scri...ntact.php?id=1

has the ? mark in the link how do you get that to be listed on the google search, please advice thanks again

Kind Regards
| Martin W. Kuria (Mr.) martin.kuria@unon.org