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Thread: Why no signature links?

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    Exclamation Why no signature links?

    I am wondering why links in signatures are disallowed. People come to forums to help get more backlinks for their website, and not allowing people to link to their own site after helping your site (content creation) seems unfair.

    I don't mean to be rude, but I just feel that way.

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    I don't want people to post just for links, this forum does not exist to help you build link popularity.
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    How many posts do you need to have before signatures with links are live?

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    The OP put a fake signature in his post anyway.

    So you need to contribute to the forum for a while before you get signature links here, that rule was instituted a long time ago.

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    how many ??

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    How Many posts req to active sig inks

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    Most of the forum posting websites have 20 as their minimum base to fight SPAM.
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