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Thread: mini/niche sites

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    mini/niche sites

    What does everyone think about building small niche sites containing 1-5 pages focused on specific keyword for advertising and affiliate income while working on bigger sites. In the hopes of earning some money through website publishing.

    Is it worth it for a beginner?

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    There is a lot to be said in getting started and learing as you go, and with a small site the investment in time is limited. There is a danger that if too niche or not promoted sufficiently you will not get enough traffic and loose hope. Solid keyword research at the start shoud help

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    It can be harder to build links with a small site, but there is nothing wrong with making small sites.

    I have sites that make hundreds a day, I have sites than make less than $5 or $10 a day.

    So long as it costs me nothing to keep and run the small sites, I keep them, why not?
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    Niche sites can be very effective, but they likely need to be much bigger than 5 pages. Create a niche resource/directory and it may be able to become an authority site.

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