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Thread: How can I position #1 rank Google with phrase

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    How can I position #1 rank Google with phrase

    My website is:

    I want to get #1 rank with keywords: "always tired" on this address:,1

    What can I do?
    What onsite/out site things can I change to improve my rankings?

    What can I change on the website to get higher rankings?

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    The answers to your inquiry are already written up on this site.

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    It would help immensely if that phrase was in your domain name.

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    1.Find better keywords like
    2.Use Wordpress ( prefered by Google )
    3.Do link building ( quality high PR one way backlinks )
    4.Update your site with fresh contents with more related keywords
    5.Ping your site with every updates.
    6.You should be doing fine.
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