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Thread: competitive analysis

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    competitive analysis

    hello everybody

    i want to know what is competitive analysis and how to perform it.

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    Why does this thread smell fishy?

    Analying your competitors, their incoming links, and seo on page practices, in an effort to leapfrog their position
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    The process of identifying a business's main competitors, analyzing their products and services against yours and bettering your products and services based on the resulting information
    A usability evaluation in which two or more competing products are compared.

    Competitor analysis becomes a vital part of strategic planning.

    Competitor analysis has two primary activities, 1) obtaining information about important competitors, and 2) using that information to predict competitor behavior. The goal of competitor analysis is to understand:

    * with which competitors to compete,
    * competitors' strategies and planned actions,
    * how competitors might react to a firm's actions,
    * how to influence competitor behavior to the firm's own advantage.

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