We are a small team of Facebook experts that have been making their living from Facebook for months now. In fact, we have had over 100 satisfied customers ONLY from BlackHat World. If you need to take a global idea on how can our services enhance your business, contact me on yahoo messenger shakemelikeapig@yahoo.com .


* Facebook Accounts Creation: We create accounts with 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 members -> 10$ per 1000 friends.

* Facebook Accounts Boosting: We add friends to existent Facebook accounts; we add 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000 friends to a given account -> 10$ per 1000 added friends.

* Custom Facebook Groups Creation and Population: We create catchy nice-looking content rich groups for your website or for a topic of your choice and drive targeted members to them -> 6$ group creation fee + 10$ for every 1000 members that join the group.

* Facebook Groups Population: We drive targeted members to an existent group -> 10$ for every 1000 members that join the group.

* Custom Facebook Pages Creation and Population: We create catchy nice-looking content rich pages for your website or for a topic of your choice and drive targeted members to them -> 10$ group creation fee + 10$ for every 1000 members that join the group.

* Facebook Pages Population: We drive targeted members to an existent page -> 10$ for every 1000 members that join the page.

* Facebook Applications Promotion: We create promotional campaigns for Facebook Applications -> 14$ for every 1000 persons that add the application.

* Facebook Accounts Phone Verification: -> 10$ per account.

* Facebook Commenting Service: We do VIRAL commenting service to your profile, page, link, video, photo or group using wide numbers of accounts. That technique multiplies the value of the content you're posting as it appears as a center of interest; in fact most of the pages/groups we used this technique for ended up tripling the number of their members in one day -> 10$ per 100 comments.

* Facebook Targeted Messaging Service: We do MASS targeted facebook messaging. We will copy/paste your message to TARGETED members (extracted from popular groups/fanpages of your niche) and of course these messages will be sent from wide numbers of accounts -> 8$ per 100 messages.

* Fresh Email Lists of Active Facebook Users: The lists we provide contain emails of active facebook users UNTIL THE SAME DAY OF PURCHASE (we verify them that day). Note: We just sell the list, we do not send emails. -> 20$ per 5000 Emails.

* Facebook Status Donation: We will post a message of your choice in the status of one or more of our accounts, the status will be changed 4 times per day (seperated with 3 hours at least) -> 6$ per 3 days from a 1000 members account, 9$ per 3 days from a 2000 members account, 12$ per 3 days from a 3000 members account, 15$ per 3 days from a 4000 members account, 18$ per 3 days from a 5000 members accounts.

* Everything else Facebook Related: We love the work we do and we are always happy to do something new and creative. If you have any facebook related idea that you want us to experiment, please share it we love saying and believing "We can". You will not pay for it until you're sure of the results, we will try your idea for free


Our Services:

1. The Quality and legacy of our services: We get these friends MANUALLY and FROM REQUESTS using legal tactics; we do not spam or use any bot or software. We have had 0% accounts disabled throughout our Facebook business. All the people in our accounts are REAL people.
2. Mutual Friends: If you purchase multiple accounts, you will NOT pay for mutual friends, we will substract them from the total numbers. Let's say you ordered two accounts having each 2000 members, you will get for example account A with 2000 friends and account B with 2100 friends in case there is 100 mutual friends between A and B. The price you pay is for unique friends; however, you cannot order more than 25,000 friends on the same week.

3. Distribution of Friends in Accounts: we do not have a problem in dividing the 5000 friends you order in 2, 3, 4 or 5 accounts, you pay for the total numbers of unique and you have the choice to determine how they will be distributed. However, if you do not specify, we will have the choice to divide the friends the way that suits us better at the given time.
4. Make the Maximum of Our Service: when you choose us to bring fans/members to your page/group this naturally means you should not do or tell someone else to do any advertising to us. You will pay for every person that joins since the day you assigned us the mission, so ease your mind, focus on updating your page and leave the members to us.

Returns and Satisfaction Guarantee:

We will offer return and refund within 24 hours of any order ONLY if the account does NOT match 100% with the customer order or with anything written in this thread or agreed on (which will never happen ). You also have the right to ask for a refund within 24 hours from purchase if the account got banned (Facebook revises daily so if the mistake is from us it will be banned the same day, otherwise it will be your fault ). However, if for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact me and we will fix things and I will not go offline until we reach an agreement that satisfies you.


1. Upfront Payment: due to some customers that made us create bulk orders with over 100 accounts and when they were finished they said they changed their minds, we now only work on orders when we receive payment.
2. Maximum Orders for pages/groups: We allow you to request unlimited numbers of persons to join your group/page; however, we only take upfront payment for a maximum of 10,000 persons, that number being reached, you can request more .
3. Discounts: we do not offer discounts for bulk orders of accounts as they actually cost us much more effort since we have to avoid mutual friends for the totality of the accounts. However, for the groups/pages we make nice discounts if you request over 10,000 members to the same group/page (we do not have a specific rate for the discounts, we will simply make an agreement ).

* 25% discount for any order related to serving charity or any good cause (percentage of discount may increase if the cause is urgent or touches the lives of many persons in need, we can do it totally for free if we trust and had previous work with the customer).


We deliver the ordrers after 24 hours from purchase (for small orders), larger orders may take from 2-5 days. If you have urgent needs, we will do our best to deliver your order at the time you like.

Do not ask us to do the Following:

We do not do any orders that contain:

1. Anything Illegal.
2. Stealing Identities.
3. Hacking Accounts.
4. Posting negative comments on a profile/group/page.
5. Anything E-whoring related: you may use the account after you receive it in any way you please; however, do not ask us to promote anything e-whoring related.
6. Misguiding users: we will comment with catchy phrases and gain users' attention but we will not "lie", same with messages.

To Our Previous Customers:

Starting from now and on we will accept orders with these new prices, if you talked about an order and haven't paid for it, pay for it immediately or we will stop working on it. Feel free to reply to this thread with a testimonial. Thanks a lot for your continuous support and cooperation.


*Send me a private message here containing the full details of your orders. If you prefer a live chat, please add me on shakemelikeapig@gmail.com *


* we accept paypal
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