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Thread: Black hat SEO techniques in Sponsored Google Links

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    Black hat SEO techniques in Sponsored Google Links

    I just did a Google search for "black hat seo techniques" and was a bit surprised to see that there are actual web sites showing up in Google's Sponsored Links.

    What's wrong with this picture?

    I would think that Google (being so opposed to black hat techniques) would at least have a way to ban these sites form showing up in Sponsored Links. Or am I just misinterpreting the whole thing?

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    i agree with your point i vote for ban these sponsor links to google
    seo india

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    Thanks for your outstanding, spammy, reply first time SEO poster.

    Back OT. Google has to deal with, at least, millions of ads every day. Things slip by. If the advertising sites are pushing truly blackhat opportunities then Google will eventually catch on. They have a ton of quality control but they will run across them (and will evaluate if they should not be advertising).

    It'd be hard to immediately ban "black hat" ads without review. Could be anti-BH ads.

    Funny thing, I ran that search, with and without quotes, and the first ad was:

    Google Sponsored Links
    For Only $5 To Start. Pay Only If
    Your Advertising Works. Learn More!
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