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Thread: SEO help needed - something's not right!

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    SEO help needed - something's not right!

    Am new here, so hope I am posting correctly.

    I have a new client: that ranks ok-ish for some terms (eg Glass Blocks Online, Glass Bricks) on Google; and ranks ok (#25) for the term "glass blocks" on Bing; all things I can work on.

    But for the key term "glass blocks" on Google (UK), they are absolutely nowhere. Can't find in top 400.

    Have they been penalised? Don't think so, as they're still ranking for some terms. Are they being a bit spammy with their content - again, don't think so.

    All very confusing. Any of you experts got an idea. I will send a virtual beer (or a real one if you are in London) for the best answer!


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    They are not banned otherwise they would not rank for other terms. I suspect it is just that the other sites glassblocks for example have better seo and a better /more relevant uk domain name.

    Keep working on on page and off page seo and I would think it would be possible to show fairly high in the results.

    How old is the site, BTW

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    It usually just takes a little longer with Google. Keep on working. Congratulations on your success on the other keywords and with bing.
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    Has your client considered maintaining a daily (or at least weekly) blog with occasional links to the web site?

    As far as I can tell, there are not enough incoming links. You'd definitely get some form the blog.

    Might as well do a twitter and facebook, too. I'm sure teh competition is doing it (or at least they should be).
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