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Thread: Please critique my new site!!

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    Lightbulb Please critique my new site!!


    My new direct mail service site is It will manage the entire direct mail process including data management, data acquisition, commercial printing, variable printing, lettershop, fulfillment/kitting, postal optimization/logistics, and crisis mail management… under one roof!
    I'd appreciate any advice from you about this new site, if possible any feedback, evaluation, suggestion is greatly appreciated!

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    I like it very much. Looks very clean and professional.

    I haven't had time to look very closely, but I saw a detail I would change. On teh About page you should probably remove all those email addresses and do links to some kind of contact form.

    I would also make it so that the tabs stay lit, when the browser opens up the page that the visitor clicked on, through the tab.

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    I just had another look.

    Again, I like the site, but you want to know if there are any parts that need improvement...

    On your landing page, the H1 tags are a graphic banner, and the text End-to-End Direct Marketing Solutions is H2. I think H1 should always be used for a keyword rich text title.

    I would add a meta description meta tag, at least on the landing page. And a meta keyword would definitely not hurt, either, although it doesn't carry much weight.

    You don't have a robots.txt file on the server.

    Now I have to run...

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