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    I've recently bought a domain in the format of:

    Overture and Wordtracker say its searched for 2500 times a day.

    It's the kind of site and would attract the kind of auidence that Tribal Fusion, Burst & Fastclick would love, also it would do well on adsense.

    There is no competing sites with domains with the keyword in.

    My question is, should I also register:


    The site is a information site. I'm not revealing subject or anymore details about the site until it is launched, so please don't ask.

    The .info domains could stop competition and I could easily create sites there too, as 'minisites' and more assurance that at least one will get a high rank.

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    I prefer site without the hyphen now... it doesnt seem to have much of a effect as it use to...

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    My thoughts are that registering extra domains won't do much to stop someone from setting up a competing site. If they wanted, they could put up a site at and still compete with you. IMHO, you'll be wasting your money if you reg the extra domains.

    If you plan on setting up minisites with unique content on the extra domains it may be worth it, depending on what you plan to do.

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    Seems like the only time it's worth registering extra domains is if you have a brand you're trying to protect. But with keyword domains it can get silly (and expensive) rather quickly.

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    I agree... no real benefit (bar the questionable mini-site idea).
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