We all have a general idea about the best things to do for higher ranking . My suggestion is adding more pages to your site. These should be pages with good content and subject matter. For example: On my previous website, I added blues harmonica biographies for the great players along with classical composer biographies. If you go to the Alexa site you can find the top 500 websites out of the current 16 billion. You can also download the top 1 million.
Many pages added to a site takes much time but a very good way to move up in ranking.My site after 3 months is No. 16,443,596 last time checked with 0 page rank. So the page rank, I am now researching to find out what is needed to move to a 1 and then 2 and so forth . Google is a 10.
Also I find the social sites like Facebook to be more time consuming than anything else. I could be wrong, but so time consuming just making friends or reading comments about what a wonderful day someone is having . Would rather make money !!!
One thing I have noticed is that checking a PR of a directory or B2B site at the Alexa site before submitting pays off. Much better to submit to a PR 6 than anything less for a quality reciprocal link. Worth the extra time and research to get this better link.
Hope this helps someone.