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Thread: Review: Affiliate Program

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    Rob you need to keep your signature, in your actual signature (check your profile).

    I've had great success with essay programs with college websites, but I do not know if you want to go down that route. SearchFeed (see the review here) pays a good CPC rate for essay ads.
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    I tried allposters for my Ultimate Metal site ages ago without success. But I think I just used it incorrectly (ie, putting up a banner and expecting people to buy stuff!). I may give it another go, on a smaller scale (ie, strictly Metal artists. They have quite a few pages).
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    I made a PHP/MySQL script for's datafeed.

    Details here:

    I also made a remotely hosted version if you don't have a site or your host doesn't support PHP/MySQL:

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    I just created a new PHP/MySQL script using their datafeed dump (currently using NewProducts_ALL only, but can use ImageInformation_ALL with just a little modification). See it in action at
    (SE-friendly URLs, too) - let me know if anyone's interested.
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    I tried allposters a few months ago and had a good experience in implementing it and such, my only complaint was the tye of posters I wanted to display just wasn't there, and was forced to abanon it. Other than that, if you could find the type of posters you want to display, then its a great opportunity.
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    using datafeed into a blog

    Did somebody try to use datafeeds in a blog?
    I would like your feedback
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