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Thread: How to solve a problem with content

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    How to solve a problem with content

    Hello all.

    I dont have a lot of experience with the SEO and I have a litlle question
    regarding it.

    In the next day I will publish the new site (flash games) in my national language.


    I have the content where I describe the site etc... (10 lines).

    At the moment Iam not sure where to place that content.

    1) At the top of the site only on Home page
    2) Footer (every page)
    3) At the top of the site on every page

    Which method will be the best for optimization?
    Thanks for advice.

    Sorry for my bad english

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    Top of the first page, think about your users first. It wouldn't make sense to put it on every page. Instead, describe the games textually on those pages.
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    Don't worry so much as to what SEO wants, but rather concentrate on what your USERS want. Search engines are constantly changing the way they crawl and index websites. Remember that all the search engines want is to provide the users with quality websites.

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    Whichever method you use, it won;t make a huge impact on the rankings and optimization of your website but since you would like people easily notice the Flash contents and the pages sections, use the top parts and the footers could be great for some links.

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