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Thread: Question About the .ME domain extension.

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    Question About the .ME domain extension.

    What is better,


    I have never used a .me before and wondering if it is better than a .net with a hyphen between the words. .Me always seem to be available for everything so I'm wondering if it's any good.

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    For me it's...


    .info & .org tie.

    .me is way down there

    For SEO purposes... doesn't matter.

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    As far as the search engines are concerned, it doesn't make any difference what top level domain (.com .net .org .whatever) you use. However, they do use hyphens (or dashes, depending on whether you say ToMaTo or ToMAto) to distinguish keywords (see Experts Exchange for a good example - with the dash you have "Experts Exchange" but without it you could have either "Experts Exchange" or "Expert Sex Change").

    Also from a human standpoint, people are far more familiar with the .net than the .me TLD; that being said however, if your content is far more relevant (and compelling), then it shouldn't matter which you use. If you want to play it safe, go with the .net - if you want to take what you may perceive as a calculated risk, then go with the .me
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