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Thread: Hosting for bigger sites?

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    Hosting for bigger sites?

    I've been looking at 1&1 for hosting a forum and database, but I don't know anyone who has experienced this with them. They say that they don't allow ad clicks or direct access to your mysql database which doesn't sound very useful. Can anyone shed any more light on this?

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    I don't understand your words too much. But I have noticed that the mySQL datebases of 1&1 webhosting were not too much,from 10MB to 100MB. After I searched some webhosting provider via webhosting-view website, I found the following webhosting provide unlimited MYSQL: lunarpages, webhostingpad, justhost, omnis. Powweb if 75MB.
    The webhosting-view website comepared them from various aspect, maybe it can give you more need. All of webhosting they list are the hot hosting.

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    I do not think one and one would be a good solution source. You;d beetter takle a look at unmetered bandwidth plans of, and choose the one better suitable for your site.

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    it really shouldn't matter that much, its like $10 for a month, if they don't like it they will cancel your account, no biggie. (but have a substitute). I used to rape the **** out of server in the earlier years while using it only as a media host, they never canceled my account, but a lot of others did, so try them out too.

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    I suppose share hosting isn't very good idea, so I think getting a vps would a correct choise. Plus I heard people complaining of the 1&1 services, so Try looking up another solutions,

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