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Thread: More keyword research

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    More keyword research

    Having just entered a certain term into the google keywords tool and the wordtracker tool, and having got completely different results, which of these tools should I trust? Surely google can give the most accurate indication of number of searches, seeing as they are entered into their engine.


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    They use different sample sizes.

    Keyword research tools are only good for relative comparisons.

    Say you want to know which is more popular?

    blue widgets or purple widgets

    You put them both into the SAME keyword research tool and do a comparison.

    Don't use them to try to predict actual search volume, you'll be disappointed. Their data is only relevant when compared to other data from the same tool. Which is useful, to be sure, but limited.
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    Right ok thanks chris.

    On a side note, so all of this long tail keyword stuff then, I have heard various ratios going about;

    65 searches - less than 10,000 results
    50 searches - less than 5,000 results
    blah blah blah

    Is that all rubbish? If these tools are good for comparisons only, does this mean that you can not use them for this sort of research? Or do the figures gove you anywhere near a ball park figure?

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