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Thread: What is MySQL?

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    What is MySQL?

    On my hosting account from Godaddy is says I have 25 MySQL Databases. What does this mean and what does it do for me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sevenerj View Post
    On my hosting account from Godaddy is says I have 25 MySQL Databases. What does this mean and what does it do for me?
    MySQL is a database language that many scripts use to function (IE blogs and forums use databases). So MySQL allows you to install blogs and forums and other complex items. If your account did not have database cability it could not handle these items.

    There are three PRIMARY database languages in hosting (there are others, but these are the most common) MySQL, MSSQL, and ACCESS. MySQL is the most common and is the most used on both windows and linux machines. When possible, use MySQL, unless your project is very large.
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    it means you have up to 25 mysql databases in MySQL database server and remember one mysql server can have many mysql databases ;-)

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    Umm, what would one use if his project will ultimately be very large ??

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    I agree MySQL is very reliable and high performance relational database management system. It can used to store many GB's of data into database.
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    One aspect to look at if your project is going to be large and important is to pay attention to aspects of security to ensure it is not a vulnerable site. Take a look at this article for more info -

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