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Thread: difference viewing a website on mac from pc

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    difference viewing a website on mac from pc

    I just made my first website, I used a font called noserif in frontpage when I was making it and it looked fine in internet explorer once it was all uploaded, but when I looked at it later on a mac half the text was in times new roman and the hyperlinks were underlined, even though I had selected all the text not to be underlined.
    Can anyone help me please or have ideas on how to fix it?
    I've since changed all text to arial but I think the problem is still there.

    also, I don't really want to keep the font as arial, what is the best way to choose a font that won't cause the same problems? Thanks
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    You have to specify fonts which are available on both the Mac an PC systems... noserif isn't available on the mac.

    Try using a font which is available on both systems
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    Thanks very much for the help, I'll have a look through the list and pick a better font.
    Thanks again!

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