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As with most people I've noticed our grocery bill increase a lot of the last few years. So this got me thinking if there are ways to track prices for individual food items. Turns out there aren't any local API's or decent data sources.

So I decided to build my own and this basically ended up being an android app that allows you to scan the barcode of an item from Woolworths, Checkers or Pick n Pay and the prices should display. I'm also building up price history but only have 3 weeks so far.

I've tested on food I've got at home, but if anyone is keen please download the app and let me know if it has decent coverage of the things you usually buy. No data gets stored or sent any where from the app.

Here's the play store link: Download from Play Store

I'm busy building functionality to create a grocery list that can be tracked as a whole with notifications on price changes etc. ]]>
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