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04-19-2008, 03:14 PM
I have recently got a click bank account. After looking at most of the products, some of them seem just like spammy sites. The ones which just have one page and are so long they take ages to scroll down to the bottom. Perhaps it is just me being pessimistic but i certainly would never buy anything from a site like that. do other people buy from sites like that?

The next issue I have is that the copy is usually about the secret that makes thousands every day? Do people buy this and pay for the ebook filled with all the secrets?

Next these things all talk about how easy they are. Do people really beieve that for 97 dollars investment they will become millionaires over night?

Just need some advice? Is it a waste of time? Do people actually buy?

One last thing, are there any guarentees about the conversion rates? One I saw said 1 in 3 convert. That can not be true surely. These are not real clickbank figures are they?

04-19-2008, 08:13 PM
You need a lot of traffic, and not only that, you need targeted traffic, and that's what I found difficult about Affiliate programs. A conversion between 1 and 2 percent out of 100 should be the norm. 4 percent out of 100 is pretty damn good. Anyone who tell you they can consistently convert 1 in 3 visitors into opening their wallets is lying, no matter how targeted the product is.

Some of ebooks and programs on Clickbank do provide value, but just like you, I see a lot of spammy, fake or useless stuff on there. I tried to promote some things that I didn't really believe in but only because they had a high payout. In the end, it kind of showed because I had zero profits from them and I didn't have it in my heart to spend a lot of time to promote them too long or create elaborate pages. Everyone is different I guess. There are people who don't have much scruples who can promote things they don't believe in and do it well.

Some fake scammy things I saw on Clickbank:

Hundreds of channels to view on your laptop or desktop for no monthly fee. Pay a set fee for software. - It's just a bunch of free channels you can find yourself on the internet all put into one software browser. More than half of them are foreign channels you wouldn't watch for free anyway.

Turn Water into Fuel For your car - This is the hot thing right now on Clickbank because of the current fuel prices. I don't know the whole story behind this one, but I think there are lot of half-truths and empty promises.

To answer your question, yes, people do buy clickbank products, but only if you drive in enough targeted traffic.

04-20-2008, 10:16 PM

I would suggest trying an affiliate network first (e.g. Azoogle, Neverblue, Copeac, etc.). Their offers are more mainstream.

I do know that people can make good money from CB, but you have to really choose the right product and make sure the market is not oversaturated.