View Full Version : Review will be appreciated!

04-10-2008, 06:40 AM
I am happy to discover that there is a segment where Users could review each other's websites.

I am a new member of this forum and i will appreciate it if other members could sacrifice there time to view my newest website. And possibly advise on the way i can improve on it.
The website is about Life Insurance.

04-12-2008, 08:15 PM
no design, too many ads

05-07-2008, 08:27 PM
Ad placement damned near hides the navigation, and are obnoxiously placed. Lack of any formatting or division makes it look just 'slapped up 'any old way. Header area is too tall pushing anything resembling content off the first page at lower resolutions, and the 'crappy little stripe' syndrome caused by the fixed with layout is excasterbated by the use of three columns. There's a saying you've likely not yet heard: If people won't visit one ad bar, they won't even visit sites with six of them.

There is so much presentational markup I'm trying to figure out why you even BOTHERED with having a CSS file in the first place. The use of tables even when they aren't doing anything is also a head scratcher... You've got twelve tables on a page that even designed using tables should only need ONE, and the vertical centering of the side columns pretty much makes the site look more like an error than a intentional design.

No doctype means you are working around IE being 'stuck' in quirks mode and cannot validate the code, and some sensible indenting would probably help deal with making sure all the tags are closed properly...

Nothing resembling semantic markup either - not a heading tag to be found, breaks used WITH paragraphs (what the?!?), content that doesn't qualify as paragraphs like menu items inside paragraph tags, etc, etc.

13k of markup for 4k of content - most of that content flat paragaphs of text, a sure sign that there's too much markup as I'd be shocked to see that be more than 9k.

In other words, you've got a long ways to go.