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03-25-2008, 08:47 AM
this is my first major website
can you please review my website www.weaponsofusmilitary.com
any feedback would be greatly apreciated

also if you are interestedi n exchanging links please send me an email tennisaceflink@gmail.com or say so in your review

Todd W
03-25-2008, 11:50 AM
Re-Size the images in a photo suite don't upload the full-size then use html to re-size.

Remove a link to your e-mail unless you want major spam.

Remove hosted by.

Remove link to stats software.

No offense but it looks like a basic site from the 90's and could use a complete overhaul.

Good luck.

05-07-2008, 08:07 PM
Layout looks broken because the columns don't "stretch"

A number of color choices make sections of text illegible or prone to eye-strain. The grey-on-grey text in the sidebar for example is barely visible, likewise the green text on black is not only too low contrast, but in an absurdly narrow and small font - I'll be damned if I could tell you what any of that says without zooming the page in 200% or more. The 'welcome to' text in the top is a blurry mess that I'd be amazed to be able to tell apart... and in general you have WAY too many images as text.

The green is too 'mint' - needs more red to shift it towards olive as right now that's NOT a military green.

Images off the site is effectively a disaster - and it's no winner with CSS off either...

Codewise you've got a lack of indentation that makes the least bit of sense, and presentational images in your markup with no actual text fallbacks for any of it... and meaningless and redundant comments - for example:

<div id="footer">

NO, REALLY? We had no clue what <div id="footer"> means! You should probably read this, there's a lot of good advice in there on comments:

254k in 35 files - WAY too big for what you have there. You've got a LOT of stuff in JPEG that's monochomatic that could probably be done smaller as .png or .gif... the 'ct.jpg' for example should be a 2-3k .png, not a 28k jpeg. Image recombination would save on handshakes greatly speeding page loads - for what you have there I'd be suprised to see the total site size exceed 100k, and as I see it I do not see anything there that warrants more than three or four images total... Maybe less if you axed the 'too fancy for it's own good' images as text.

STILL, if this is your first site you seem to have avoided a lot of the nonsense in your code I'm used to seeing from nubes. No inlined presentation, not THAT semantic a markup but the attempt is there, no 'real' divitus though there are a few div's and classes I'd consider axing (and a few I'd add). It could be one HECK of a lot worse.

I also like the concept. FAS is showing it's age, Janes is effectively a non-player at this point, it would be nice to see an up to date and MAINTAINED reference...

... and if you need info or have questions about USAF hardware, give a holler. I was a Viper driver out of Eielson from '86 to '90 and spent '91 in the ferry service hopping around in a variety of aircraft from century series to bleeding edge. (well, bleeding edge for 1991)