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02-06-2008, 04:52 PM
I developed a Logo that I thought fit the school in my community well. This logo did not resemble any previous logo of the school. I got a copyright on this logo then approached the administration about purchasing the logo for the school's use. I was told there was no interest. Soon after, the football coach asked me if the team could use the logo on their helmets. I allowed the football team to use the logo. I wanted to make shirts with the logo on them and sell them. I went to the administration and asked them if there were any legal reasons I could not sell merchandise with the logo I had copyrighted on them. They told me I could not because, since I made the logo to represent the school, it was now their property and they will be making and selling merchandise with the logo on them. Can I prevent the school from selling merchandise with my logo? Can I legally sell merchandise with the logo?