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01-15-2008, 01:01 PM
In my adsense account it shows that I have had over two thousand hits but I have made any money. I dont know if i am just a noob but I thought you get paid for every thousand hits?
Also what is an average click through rate? I have had 4.5 clicks in a thousand hits, is this average?

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01-15-2008, 01:54 PM
You only get paid if someone clicks on an ad with adsense, so even if you have a million hits but no one clicks, its no money.

01-15-2008, 09:07 PM
Mike's statement deserves an asterisk.

Typically, that is the case, but Google does sell CPM ads now and many established sites (this forum for instance) gets them regularly.

01-16-2008, 04:10 AM
Ah, I didn't know that. Are the sites manually chosen for this then?

01-16-2008, 06:53 AM
Not always.

01-16-2008, 09:30 AM
Right, so seeing as I am a new site it is unlikely I will get CPM ads?
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01-16-2008, 10:03 AM
Not always.

I thought that CPM ads were site targeted (or placement targeted now), meaning that the advertiser have to select your site specifically...?

01-16-2008, 11:10 AM
No, I don't think so, you can target them by keywords too. Admittedly, I could be wrong, however I base this on the fact that new sites of mine with no traffic to speak of often show some CPM ads, and it is highly unlikely they were picked out individually for such ads.

01-16-2008, 08:45 PM
There is really no way to tell for sure. But i can tell you I have had over 2,000 hits in a day with no $. And then other days have had less than 1,000 and no clicks but got $.
A small observation, on days i see full color banner ads i usally get $ even if no click.
I guess it is a number of factors, content, popularity of content at the time, ect.... who knows? Evryone has own op.

01-16-2008, 08:47 PM
Typically when you see the full size banners (one ad taking up a whole 728x90 in a large font size) those are CPM.