View Full Version : Content spamming using articles?

01-21-2004, 07:12 AM
You write a good article for your site. Then let's say 100 other webmasters publish it on their sites with a link back to you.

1. Google should detect that these 100 pages have the same content and point to the same link(your website).
2. Wouldn't google downgrade the weight given to these links?
- to favor unique content
- to prevent people from making lot's of sites with the same content and linking to their OTHER site
3. Wouldn't that downregulate the weight of the links of your articles on your own site?
4. If you write regularly good articles on similar topics, these same webmasters would like to publish them. In a way, your articles cluster on a group of sites. This looks like spam. Wouldn't that give less weight to these links?

This is really bugging me. Now, I have to decide on my articles' strategy. I can write lots of articles(I wrote one, put it on ideamarketers.com and it got published on 7 other sites). If I try harder I can build lots of links this way, BUT I am having bad thoughts that google won't consider these links IMPORTANT. The thing I am thinking of is just writing for my own site as a better strategy.

Any opinions?

01-21-2004, 09:38 AM
There is no automatic process to decide to punish syndicated content like that.

However, being liberal with your articles like that is not something I would recommend. At the very least I would only allow others to publish a lite version of articles, and keep the heavy or normal version on your own site.

Personally I do not allow others to publish my articles, this is one of the reasons. Not so much that I'm worried about spam, but I do not want to dilute the usefulness of this site.