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10-18-2007, 01:26 AM
many of you might not remember me, but I was a somewhat frequent visitor to this forum back in the second half of 2006. I am a big follower of Chris' SEO teachings because he breaks everything down for you in layman's terms and he always answered my questions when I needed help.

I have a severe case of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) but I managed to launch my first For-Profit site back in December 2006. Many of what Chris wrote, I learned and incorporate into my site such as using anchor text to link back to the main page instead of "Click here to go back". Little things like that. I also did the grueling work of submitting to over 800 directories on Directory critic and submitted articles to article directories. I had my link added to Wikipedia which is still there (dammit, why they have to put no follow soon afterwards?) And I participated in various forums with my link in the signature without spamming. So basically, I did the work and took no shortcuts.

I didn't do anything else afterwards. Dealing with ADD is tough and it is a real condition, not something that is made up. I am a true definition of a scattered brain- I couldn't do anything without my mind wandering off. How many times the smoke alarm went off because I forgot about the boiling water on the stove, I can count on two hands. How I even manage to get my first site up is still a mystery. I applied for a certain Health Insurance to get treatment back in May but it didn't go into effect until September, then after which I was able to seek treatment.

So all this time, from Janurary to September, I didn't touch the site, but my site slowly climbed up in the SERPs for some keywords. And it was amazing, it was making me a passive income when I wasn't doing anything. I was slowly getting links from different places, (one from Apple.com!) and now I outrank even one of the authority sites. I'm not at the top of the SERPs, but I'm doing okay.

The site has been making about 300 dollars a month now from Adsense. 395 dollars for September. So I imagine if I can make more sites, say 15 more, I would make a decent income. So if anyone out there is lurking and thinking of going into webpublishing, do it. Heck, if I could, anyone could. I think the biggest key factor is having dicipline to just keep at it.

Since taking medication, I've been trying to get myself back on track again. The first thing I did was submit my warcraft mods site to 800 more directories to keep it up in the SERPs. I'll buy into two highly reputable directories next month, JoeAnt and maybe BestofWeb. Right now I'm testing out an affiliate with my site and see how well it works. If doesn't perform in a week or two, then all the advertising space goes back to adsense.

So expect to see a lot more of me again!