View Full Version : I need to vent

10-16-2007, 10:30 AM
I really hate Rubies Costume Company. They're like the biggest costume company in the world, but man are they run by idiots.

The last 3 orders I've placed with them I've been told they were in stock at the time of ordering, only to have them actually not be in stock. All 3 orders have had to be cancelled so because the customers needed the products by a certain date which rubies couldn't confirm.

Then, when they get an item in stock, it takes then 3-4 weeks to ship the item out this time of year.

I understand of course that Halloween is busy for them like mall retailers get busy at Christmas. Why do they not hire seasonal workers to help with shipping? It isn't skilled labor, it is minor data entry and lifting boxes.

I had another order I've had to cancel today without even placing it because I know those fools won't be able to get me the item in time.

In total they've lost $1500 in sales atleast from these orders and I've lost around $500 in profit. That pisses me off.

They're also extremely rude on the phone, like New York rude.