View Full Version : Google Adwords Jacked My Rates

08-28-2007, 08:02 AM
So here is a question. I am advertising with Google Adwords to do some experimenting. I am advertising a few articles I have up. For the first week it was costing me 6 cents per click which was expensive ( its a content page im advertising ) and then suddenly google has increased it to 12 cents on me.

There is nobody else advetising for my terms since its highly targetted and the site im advertising is a GOOD content site that is 100% related to the ad im running. So the question becomes whats with the rate jack?

Anyone have any suggestions or perhaps a suggestion for me other then adwords for targetted advertising. This indiscriminate jacking of the price really is quite frustrating.

08-28-2007, 07:26 PM
When in your one of your adgroups, click on "Customise Columns" (text link in the green bar at the top) - then scroll down the list to "Show Quality Score" - this will show you if your keywords have been effected by the quality score.

I just had one where I was advertising a English as a foreign language school with the keyword "English Course" - Google had increased my cpc to over $1.

I asked why this was, and they said it wasn't relevant (?????)

All my keywords were on phrase match - so I changed them to broad - and the price was reduced again!!!!!