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03-31-2007, 03:57 PM
I was originally going to write out a full review of AdLogger and submit to Chris, but it's clear that the article would not have been worthy of publication.

However, I did spend quite some time exploring AdLogger (http://www.adlogger.org/). For those of you who don't know what it is, it's an open-source AdSense click tracking system. It tracks all AdSense clicks and compiles the data in real time for review. You can set it up to disable ads for users who have clicked more an ad more than X times a day.

Personally, I haven't ever had any click fraud related issues, but it's understandably a worry of many publishers who have.

AdLogger works through JavaScript which detects the visitor's mouse position whenever they leave your page. Obviously that's a pretty inaccurate system, but it seems to be the only reasonable way.

I installed it on one of my websites and immediately found a flaw. Let's say you have an AdSense link unit under the navigation, the link unit may only be a few pixels away from the AdSense ad. For whatever reason, in this case, AdLogger isn't always accurate enough to differentiate between a navigation click and ad click. In turn, I had a lot of users clicking the AdSense ad more than 10 times (according to AdLogger) which of course just can't be right (logically it doesn't make sense and in reality I wouldn't still be an AdSense publisher).

Oh well...