View Full Version : Unordered list , Inline display and CSS

12-23-2006, 01:41 AM
I'm finally actually getting around to publishing a site. The CMS I'm using creates a horizontal nav bar ala an unordered list with inline display. The problem is, an unordered list precedes itself with an empty line (like a p tag). That space is throwing off my nav bar by one em. I just noticed that is does this in firefox, but not in IE. Therefore, any relative positioning I do in the css fixes one browser and throws off the other.

How do I get my inline ul to display on one line in both IE and firefox? I'm using css and all the other sites I saw using my CMS are either using tables or invented their own nav bars.

EDIT: Never mind. Apparently, I wasn't properly setting the margins and padding for -both- the ul and li tags.