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Todd W
11-26-2006, 06:44 PM
So, for one of my sites www.4x4Times.com I am using Evo Articles customized. It's very similiar in my eyes to blog software as users can reply identicaly to the way they do Wordpress and similiar. (No pingbacks however.)

So my question is.. for another upcoming site of mine I'm wondering if I shoul duse Evo Articles again OR goto a customized WordPress install?

What determines what I should use really?

The site will be my reviews of products and techniques, lots of pictures and maybe some videos.

What I like about Evo Articles is the "related articles" link at the bottom I can add, the ability for people to rate articles, the ease to modification, and that people can reply very easily. (It also has RSS Feeds for each category like WordPress)

What I like about WordPress, not much I haven't used it much but I do KNOW there are TONS of add-ons, lots of support, a LOT of people that can do custom designs and more. I think WordPress has a lot of potential. What I DON'T like about WordPress is the "Blog" mentality that it's non-prof, reviews wont be taken seriously, sometimes not looked at as a 'business'. I would like my reviews, write-ups to be viewed as an information source not as 'some guy' just blogging about the stuff.

So what's your guys' opinions on this matter.

When do you use wordpress and when do you use some other CMS?

11-28-2006, 04:40 PM
I haven't used Evo, but I've used Wordpress on several sites and I like it quite a bit. It will do all of the things you mentioned you liked about Evo and there is cool new stuff coming out for it all the time.