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11-21-2006, 11:34 AM
Just a quick Hi - I joined today.

I've got quite lot of experience in IT, but suprisingly only started to try things out on the internet this summer. I'm frantically learning PHP, HTML, CSS and MySql and working on one or two websites with the hope that one will come good

11-21-2006, 01:05 PM

11-23-2006, 03:38 AM
Welcome to the forums, SandDancer.

If you are just starting in PHP and MySQL, I highly recommend this book to get you started:

It is a little outdated in terms of installation (just need to get the latest versions of software they suggest), but it is a GREAT starter's guide to PHP, MySQL, and Apache (for testing your own scripts without the hassle of uploading them to a web server) and it's extremely cheap if you buy it used.

I also highly suggest downloading this file as a quick PHP reference:
You won't be able to memorize every function and variable PHP has to offer, but this help file has. I have been programming in PHP for a few years now and still constantly use this as a reference.

As for CSS, I recommend the following to get you started and/or use as references:

11-24-2006, 10:28 PM
That's a complete mirror of my story lately. Trying to jam as much web programming and publishing information into my head as possible. I got the Apress book. It's well written and very in depth.