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09-20-2006, 06:41 AM
I seem to have some horrible working habbits. One of my problems is ill always jump from project to project. I build a site have a idea get the script programed but just never put effort in ... inputting data and marketing the website. I tend to get bored real quick like i have some sorta ADD disease or something. I know my sites have potential because the one or two that somehow do market themselves are doing well.

I know its one of my biggest obstacles so far... and one of the things i started doing to train myself was getting rid of my spare tire. I hired a nutritionist and I went from 225 down to almost 200 in 6 weeks ... The diet is for around 20 weeks so i been eating clean (no cheats at all). I know its a matter of routine just like getting fit but im having a hard time integrating that and having balance with the rest of my life. I have around 10 projects or maybe even more since i created so many websites and unsure which of them to put my time into.

PS. Chromate if u read this i sent a link request if you have time can you add my link.. Thanks..

09-21-2006, 12:42 PM
I have a tendency to do exactly the same thing. Here's what helps:

Make a list of your top 5 ideas or partially completed projects. Pick one from the list that's the "best" to focus on first. Stick with just this one until it's done.

Break down your one project into tasks. List them on a to-do list somewhere. This could be a bad of paper, a PDA, a markerboard, etc. Whatever works best for you. I prefer markerboard because it's always there taunting me over my desk.

Focus on only one task at a time. Don't move on to another one until the current one is fully completed. I find that if I try to jump between tasks and try to work on several at once I never get anywhere.

Periodically (at the end of every day or week) look at how much you got done during that period. If you didn't get as much done as you should have then realize that you'll need to make some changes.

Find someone to hold you accountable. For me it's my wife, but it could be your significant other, friend, parent, whoever. Tell them what you plan to do and when you plan to have it done by. Ask them to keep asking you how it's going and if you'll still finish on time. When time's up have them ask you if it's done and if not, why not? It's harder to delude yourself with poor excuses for not getting things done if you have to explain them out loud to someone else.

Set aside certain hours that you'll work. Always keep busy getting things done during this time. If you're a full time web publisher, this might be 9-5 every weekday (with the occasional Friday off. ;) ) If you're doing this part time, it might be 6-8 on Mon, Wed, and Thurs., or 10-2 on Saturdays and Sundays. Whatever works for you. The point is to always set that time aside for working and not let other things get in the way.

One of my biggest time wasters is "research." To me, "research" consists of brainstorming for new ideas, researching competition, keywords, traffic logs, reading blogs and forums to stay current, etc. All of this is important, but it's easy to get caught up and waste the entire day doing it. I now try to set aside a certain time each day or week to devote to this. Any other times I work on my to-do list and don't let myself start "researching."

09-21-2006, 06:22 PM
Nice post Westech - I think I might print this out and read it daily :)

09-22-2006, 12:57 AM
Motivation and just getting stuck in and doing work is a huge problem for me too.

Westech touched on something that works really well for me and that is someone to keep you accountable. I am not sure if that is the right word for me, but when I was working with my cousin seeing him working would motivate me.

Now that he is gone until next year, I try to set goals (write them on a white board and have dates/timeline for each goal) and give myself rewards if I hit them whether it be buying something cool, going out to dinner or whatever.

I never had a problem with this when I started, but I think because most of the challenge has gone so has motivation.

09-22-2006, 03:15 AM
s2kinteg916, could you PM me your link request? I'm not receiving the ones off my site properly at the moment due to a server issue.

As far as motivation goes - I've been mulling this issue over for a while. I'm bored of thinking about Google, keywords, links etc etc. I've been reading and thinking about all that stuff for years now. And really, despite what people say, the general rules for making a long term successful site are the same as they were when I started. So it does get monotonous and boring and it sucks the motivation out of you.

However, what does motivate me is seeing the money roll in - and continue to roll in even when I stop working. :)

Thing is, if enjoyment isn't motivation enough then perhaps you should consider starting a different kind of business. Maybe offline. Remember there are all sorts of business opportunities away from the computer too if you can get a some start-up capital together. I thinking about doing something offline somewhere, just for a fresh change.

Having said that, when you get enough money together, then things get easier because you can just pay someone else to do the work that you don't want to :) The only place I've found this not to be true is link building. I just haven't found an effective way to outsource it - which is a shame because it's the part that I personally find the most boring. Everything else can be bought.

09-23-2006, 08:12 AM
Great response Westech i been doing that lately and im noticing im getting results... but i havent applied towards my webwork yet. Im on my 3rd day of consistantly working as a routine and im happy so far. I think accountability has a huge impact. Before the only person who would hold me accountable was myself and.... u know what the results were. I been applying these concepts to a custom nutritional program i been doing for 6 weeks and i been having great results.

For example i have a routine and schedule for eating and everything is planned. In order to get results im not able to cheat so i have to have the willpower to control my cravings (havent ate out for almost 2 months). Its been almost 7 weeks now and ive lost around 25 lbs and i still got another 30 to go (20 weeks total). I use to be the king of excuses... i had a excuse for everything in life... i could tell u 100 ways why i couldnt do it but i couldnt tell u 1 reason why i could. Im such a changed person now... i honestly dont believe in excuses.. Now i just hold myself accountable. I think the biggest change for me is confidence. The first step is the hardest and i think once u get over that hurdle of getting a system together its just a matter of execution and routine.

Thanks for the great replies everybody!!!

PS: Sent that PM Chromate... Thanks..

09-23-2006, 06:43 PM
s2kinteg916, good going on the weight loss! Are you still working on that Scion site?