View Full Version : having a real dilemma deciding on navigation structure, need your help

09-19-2006, 06:57 PM
Okay, the site I'm developing is www.kentuckygolfing.com. Just a mockup right now, most links to not work or anything and very much still under development.

The thing I'm having a dilemma on is the navigation structure of the site.

1. The first thing I've thought about is just having the homepage serve as a blog for the most part where I or whoever can write articles and then having every other page of the site basically static pages. With this option, each blog entry will have a 'category' tied to it where when clicked you'll simply be taken to a page with all articles pertaining to that category.

The problem I've got with this option is this: The navigation pages, Equipment Corner, Instruction, Golf Fitness, etc are considered "sections" in textpattern. When I write an article I can tie the article to a section and category (which is optional). As you see on the homepage currently, the "filed in:" link under each article takes you to the category page for all articles with that same category. So for instance, if I have every other page on the site static, such as instruction (link under Navigation), the instruction page in the Navigation list is a section and if I write an article on the homepage that such as a golf tip, and put it in the category "instruction" and someone clicks that link for "filed in:", it takes them to a different page than would clicking on the "instruction" link under Navigation. Do you see what I'm getting at here? Because the instruction link in the navigation takes you to the instruction section...clicking on the "filed in" takes you to corresponding articles with the category "instruction", so I think that might confuse visitors.

Or the other option is to go ahead and go with option number 1 only if I have a blog article on the homepage for instance that pertains to golf instruction, name the category "golf tips" instead of instruction so visitors can differentiate the two and when they click on the link "instruction" link it would take them to a static page with different instruction resources.

2. The other option I'm thinking about is having some static pages, and some blog pages. For instance, the homepage will basically be a catch all for all articles. The 'instruction' section of the site, instead of being static content, it will be blog entries where new ones will be displayed on the homepage, with a "filed in:" section of 'instruction' so when clicked it takes to you the instruction section/page (same page as instruction link under Navigation) with all articles written on golf instruction. Same would go for "equipment", "fitness", and other links under Navigation. Those links under navigation will only take you that section with blog articles only corresponding to that section. So in this case, if I write a golf tip article in the instruction section, it will then show up on the homepage as a new article with a "filed in:" section of "instruction" so that when clicked it actually takes you to the same instruction page as clicking on the "instruction" link in the navigation list would, rather then two different ones.

Sorry if this is long and confusing...I'll clarify any areas if I can, but I just need help sorting it out. I don't want to start the site one way and get half way through to realize I should have done it another way. Just trying to get it right from the start. Any help or other suggestions is appreciated.