View Full Version : Site Review Request: Course-Notes.Org

07-19-2006, 07:41 AM
I had made a post on Sitepoint a few days ago regarding PR and then Chris came through and ripped my site apart and I love him for it haha. So that got me thinking, how else could I improve my site? I have been told my navigation is hard for the first user- but I cant understand why. With that said, could you guys tell me how long it takes to find the Chapter 13 Outline for US History.

A few things I'm going to incorporate when I introduce the new version of the site is a strictly CSS, fluid layout to open up more area for the content so it isnt so cramped. I'm also thinking about using some more vibrant/lively colors. Take a look at http://demotemplates.joomlashack.com/voodoo/index.php (color schemes #1,3 and 6) for an idea.

I also want to incorporate some ways to draw users into the forums from the homepage. Maybe a latest forum topics module? I've found that so many of my users just use the content on the site which is perfectly fine, but they would benefit greatly from the forum where they can get help from other users.

So go ahead- rip it apart- dont hold anything back, even the smallest things :)