View Full Version : Experiences with Clickbank

06-08-2006, 11:04 AM
I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience selling products through Clickbank.

Background - We're developing a custom Adsense reporting and charting tool. It will do things like automatically download and import Adsense stats; calculate moving averages on all stats; summarize stats by day, month, quarter, year; create charts and so on.

We'll probably be releasing two versions of the product...a free, ad-supported (and spyware-free) "lite" version and a registered "pro "version.

We're giving some thought to the possibility of using Clickbank to sell the pro version. We're especially interested in tapping into Clickbank's affiliate network.

Does anyone have any experiences good or bad with Clickbank? In particular, how hard is it to get Clickbank affiliates? If it's easy to get Clickbank affiliates to sign on, that would seem like the way to go. OTOH, if Clickbank doesn't make it any easier to sign up affiliates, then we might go another route.

Any opinions?