View Full Version : agh! My attempt at fixed width

06-07-2006, 09:58 AM
Okay, well this is my attemed at a fixed width layout (since the fluid was causing me a migraine) Two issues with this layout.


1: The #secondary div background (green gradient) doesn't span 100% width of the viewing area. I don't understand this becuase I never even changed that code at all from the fluid layout. Just simply changed all the % to px, so I don't know what's messing with that.

2. In I.E. the navigation which is suppose to be on the right side, falls below the #left-content. I assumed it was a padding issue but removed the padding from all divs and still happened. It shouldn't be a padding issue as I've got the padding attributes inside a second div, so the padding is not added to the parent div, therefore getting around the broken box model (I think) I've checked all my widths and they add up to 760 like they should which should still make the layout fine at 800x600 in IE.

Sometimes :crash:. I just wish IE would remove their heads from their arses, and fix what needs to be fixed with their browser. I'm sure they get tired of hearing their products are inferior to Mozilla, etc... so FLIPPING FIX IT! IE 7 better be better or I'm going to lose it. :D

UPDATE: Well I fixed the background of #secondary not spanning 100% width. Seems I left out a "</div>". Just took me two days to notice.

06-09-2006, 09:10 AM
I changed a few things around in the stylesheet and the layout seems to work now. All I did different was float all three content areas left instead of having a two left and the naviagtion right. I fixed the menu simply by removing the 2px padding that was added to the left side. So now it seems to work in IE 6 and FF. Can you check it out and see what you think? Would there be any issues with floating all three left opposed to what i had before?

Also now that I've done this, there seems to be two other small problems.

1. In IE in the nav menu, if you look under "links" there is the three letters "nks". I guess this is some bug, because I have no idea where that "nks" is coming from.

2. The #wrap div has 50px margin on top and bottom. The bottom is there to separate the top section of the page, from the #secondary section of the page. In FF, there is no separation on the bottom, dispite the 50px margin. IE displays this correctly.


06-12-2006, 04:41 PM
according to the validator, you need to add a type to your style. <style type=text.css>

maybe that's why it isn't parsing correctly.