View Full Version : Software for a local, non-profit, fundrainsing Assn.

06-02-2006, 11:43 AM
I have been asked to build a website for a local group that sponsors activities such as horse rides to raise funds for local parks. They would like to be able to post messages and pictures, announce events and register participants. It is worth some effort because it would provide an entre into an active part of a very upscale community. It is NOT something I can afford to donate a lot of time to.

I presume something like Joomla could form the basis for this, but am hoping one of you know a more ready to run solution.


06-02-2006, 12:40 PM
I would say something like TextPattern or Wordpress would be the easiest way. You could just allow them to post new articles like a blog post with their announcements, messages, pictures, etc... and then you can use the contact form mod that is available for textpattern or wordpress to register participants. They put their info into the contact form and then click submit and then the organizer would get an email for each registrant.

That's how I would do it. Joomla to me seems like overkill for most projects. To me it seemed like there was A LOT to it.