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05-14-2006, 10:28 PM
I have been using WordPress for two days now and I have an impressive set of plugins. i am usre other webmasters will find these useful:

You place adsense code in a box and then just insert <!--adsense--> to display your ad. Works with YPN too.

Auto Links
Automatically turns keywords into links. I am hoping this will keep visitors on the site for longer.

Edit n Place
This is awesome, if you are logged in you can edit your post in one click, literally. It's great for typos.

Filosofo Home-Page Control
Allows you to choose a static page and use it as your sites homepage, rather than blog posts.

An easy contact us form that you can customise.

Google Sitemaps
Automatically generated Google sitemap that is updated with each new post/page.

Hope these are helpful.