View Full Version : Funny Moment of Panic

05-06-2006, 08:27 PM
I thought some of you might chuckle at this. I have a brand new site that is about a week old and am doing some testing and experimenting to improve my seo listings. 3 days ago I was ranked on the first page for my top keyword. Good traffic but wanted to see if i could do better.

So I make a few tweaks, and changes and check again today. 2 days have gone past and holy crap I am nowhere on the page... panic panic panic.

Where was my site? My site is at #1 for my search term even beating offical product sites. Why did I miss it? Because I sure as **** did not expect to see it there so I never even though to look at the #1 spot. A moment of panic, followed by a grin which hopefully has a few of you chuckling along with me now. A funny anecdote from one new webpublisher to another.