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04-27-2006, 06:19 AM
About 2-3 weeks ago i built the template for the website that is online now http://www.vahsi000.com/mmorpg , I currently have funds of $0, so i'm pretty much bankrupt. I got a good hosting company and a domain name that's going to expire in late May. It finally clicked to me that I needed to displaying adverts before I could earn some reall money, (not just a thank you for helping out with a website). Well my problem is that i'm not getting enough traffic, I need traffic in order to displays affiliates on the website, I don't get traffic through search engines so I must invest and in order to invest I need to earn money.

Myabe someone out there can understand my frustration and hopefully point me in the right direction. This feeling of being unsuccessful is really draining my confidence in life, if people can share there knowledge with me i'd be greatful to them. Thank you for your time everyone!

04-27-2006, 07:59 AM
try adsense ads before getting your own custom deal with a realtor.

04-27-2006, 08:54 AM
You are going to need a ton of more content and your own domain name. My first site was a game review site, I spent the entire summer just building profiles for hundreds of games. It doesn't make me rich, but it makes a few thousand a year.

04-27-2006, 09:49 AM
What are you doing wrong? You haven't planned to get any traffic. You say you don't get any traffic from the search engines. The reason is you haven't optimized your site for it. For example, your review of Adventure Quest should have "Adventure Quest Review" as part of the title tag. People also have to link to your site. At the moment, you just don't have anywhere near enough content to make that happen.

You also say you have a domain name, but you're running your site from a directory on your business site. Not good! Actually buy a domain name specifically for your review site. At only $8, there's no excuse for not getting one.

If you literally don't have ANY money (ie, not even $20 to get your site started), then you wont be successful.

Here's a small plan for you...

1) Get a dedicated domain name!
2) Write at least 15 pages of content
3) Approach some similar websites and exchange links with them. Try and get a new link every few days.
4) Continue to add good content and get new links.

When you're getting some traffic, put some AdSense ads on there to cover your hosting / domain renewals.

Make sure your site is "optimized" for the search engines. Basic stuff like using the <title> and <h1> tags. Otherwise your effort will simply go to waste.

04-27-2006, 04:23 PM
For games you are going to need a lot more than 15 pages; my game site has several hundred and makes about the same as other topics with 15 pages. On the plus side, MMORPGs have some pretty good bids from WoW gold sellers.

04-27-2006, 09:15 PM
I apologise to the fact that I can't make an investment to something I like doing so much but I will not apologise to the fact that i'm going through financial difficulties. But I also understand where your coming from chormate, I know there are so many people winging about not being able to earn any money and some of them don't even bother working hard enough, although I hope that's not the way you think off me.

I don't any one was born into this world with the knowledge that an encyclopedia would have and I'm sure even you would've went through difficult times. I appreciate the suggestions you and everyone else made in this thread but i do not approve the negativity (I hope you can understand me too), also I hope that what you said about not being successful without the money doesn't apply to me in the future.

Anyways enough blabbering on my side of things, I'll take those suggestions on board and do my best.
Note: The reason I don't have many reviews is because I have to actually play the games themselves for a few days before I can write them.
Thank you all again!!!

oh yea, did i mention i was 17 and that google doesn't allow ppl to sign up untill there 18, like should i still apply for it if i get enough visitors before i turn 18 or should just wait?

04-27-2006, 10:58 PM
You can't take the negativity personally, all the suggestions are to help you, not hurt you. When I first joined this board I was making pennies a day, I've been where you are at right now.

Chromate is right, you need a domain and you need hosting. If you have the money to play mmorpgs, you should be able to find $6 a month for hosting, correct?

You have to look for solutions if you want success, not excuses. There are so many guys out there that have gone from poverty to being millionaires, and that is the one thing every one of them has in common. Think the same way, and you will find success, I guarantee it.

04-28-2006, 03:08 AM
Sorry, I actually meant at least 15 pages before he starts looking to exchange links with other sites. I should have explained a little better.

Vahsi000, I didn't mean to offend you. But as Cutter says, I have to point out the problems with your approach if I'm to be of any help to you at all. ;) Yes I've had financial difficulties in the past, but to be honest I've always had the small amount of money needed to start a site (domain + hosting). If you don't have that much then I would honestly suggest putting a hold on the site until you do. You can still build content offline. Then when you find you have enough for the domain and hosting, launch the site with all the content you've accumilated. It will do much better.

How much are you paying now for hosting? Perhaps you're paying too much?

If you have time, I also think you should increase the length and detail of your game reviews. They seem a bit short at the moment. Aim for more than 500 words per review.

04-28-2006, 03:22 AM
Here's the thing, i didn't pay a cent to my domain name because the hosting company that i did some work to buyed the domain name and ofcourse is my hosting. My hosting needs are covered, i'm just not sure if they'll fork up the money to get me a domain name again, besides if i want to build more then a few mini-sites, i need some sort of income (doesn't need to pour, just needs to drop), about a year ago i tried doing jobs on freelance website but i was unsuccesful since competition on those sites are fierce.

Anyways, no one has said anything about my adsense problem, are you guys avoiding the question?

But I've already started taking action on optimising the website, also can someone tell me why the website gets messed up when it's viewed on firefox, like my friend viewed it on his browser and it doesn't state any errors, i wonder what can be wrong with it.As I was saying, I've updated the title's of each page so it say "MY Mmorpg Games - Aegis Online" if it's a page on aegis and i've written the alt tags for my images on the page + written title tags for all my links!! (I think it's a good start, acknowledging my mistakes)

04-28-2006, 04:59 AM
vahsi000 - publishing websites is a business like any other so you will need some form of investment in the early days to get yourself up and running. If you can't afford to buy a domain name and are worrying about getting instant income straight off the bat then maybe it's not the right time for you to be looking at this as a money spinner.

There aren't many industries with such low barriers to entry as this but if you're unable to meet them now then maybe you should get a part-time job for a while to build up some capital to get you started.

Just my tuppence worth...