View Full Version : Problem with my links

11-15-2003, 02:02 PM
Hi all,

On templatestorm, I seem to have a problem with the styling when I link to the homepage. It ignores all the CSS if I link like "http://www.templatestorm.com" - and I'm really not sure why.

Anyone know what the problem might be? Or if I try to link like "index.php" will it hurt my SEO?


11-15-2003, 03:09 PM
That shouldn't be happening. I would go over your code with a fine tooth comb looking for bugs or typos.

11-15-2003, 03:21 PM
Try pointing the link to somewhere else, if it still shows like that, it is something with the code.

11-15-2003, 03:25 PM
It was actually my bad html. There were that many font tags etc that everything just got mungled up. Defo going to use CSS for the whole layout on my next site.

Thanks for the help:)