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Nikolayeva Vica
02-02-2006, 03:32 AM
There are so many services on the web hosting market today. And it's sometimes very difficult to identify what is best for you. Some web hosting companies now offer Free Web Hosting and the name is very tempting but is it worth it?
To figure out whether to choose Free or Paid Web Hosting read the article, which is called to answer this question.
What is Free Web Hosting?
Free web hosting means placing hundreds of web sites on the same physical server. All users share same Disk space, Bandwidth and Operating System.
These services can be free of charge as the web hosting provider benefits from advertisements that are he places on your web site. Some web hosting companies offer free web hosting as they hope you appreciate its benefits and then perchance a paid web hosting package from that web hosting company.
Facts for Free Web Hosting
This type of web hosting services implies no spending for you, which is obviously the best price for web hosting.
Perfect for Any User
Free web hosting is suitable for all the users especially for those who are new to web hosting. Many companies offer ready Templates and Web Site Builders for you to create your web site without any problems.
Free Subdomains
Many web hosting companies now offer free subdomain with its free web hosting packages.
Facts against Free Web Hosting
Free web hosting is often considered to be a perfect choice for the beginners but you shouldn't take "Free web hosting" literally as in case you pay no money it doesn't mean you pay nothing at all.
* you pay with your web business security as in this case you are not protected from hackers or any other interference in a proper way.
*you pay with your comfort as servers that are used for free web hosting are usually not reliable and overcrowded and they usually go through a lot of downtimes.
*you pay with your confidence as the companies that provide free web hosting often don't provide its "free" clients with qualified support or any support at all.
*you pay with your suitability as plans for the free web hosting don't usually include some advanced features, such as PHP, MySQL databases or FTP accounts.
*you pay with your web site look as you are required to place advertisement banners of third parties that might be annoying
*you pay with your reconcilability as you are not allowed to register your own domain and you operate your subdomain under the web hosting company primary domain.
Paid Web Hosting?
With paid web hosting you save yourself from stress and time lose. Paid web hosting is always technically supported in a better way, web hosting companies take it more responsible. Paid web hosting packages give you an opportunity to upgrade and provide your Internet activity in the most efficient way. As it excludes all the disadvantages that are present in Free web hosting and supports its advantages. It doesn't concern price matter, of course, which under the circumstance mentioned before looses its original affinity.
Free web hosting is perfect for non-profit web sites or to try some new ideas. It's also suitable for those web sites, which are in their beginning stages or just meant to store files for a while.
So no one but you can decide whether to choose Free or Paid web hosting. Your choice will depend on your goals and your Internet activity type.

02-08-2006, 10:45 AM
IMO, free hosting is only for newbies who want to test their web skills and for those who want to place their personal site online.
However, I would suggest you should always go for paid hosting. You will get whatever you pay for. You should always check for 24/7 tech support and live chat support and uptime along with reliable and reputed host. :)

04-17-2006, 06:30 AM
I agree!

Free web hosting is for newbies. If you want to make a business and online and want to make some good money out of it then you have no chance of doing it with free web hosting.

04-17-2006, 04:11 PM
I agree, free hosting is only for personal or friend sites or to play with.

I have numerous free hosting plans and they're all about the same:
Cpanel and all the bells and whistles
100MB space
1GB+ bandwith
subdomain with support for domain

I have all sorts of scripts installed on these servers and they are great for testing, I have also learnt a lot from them. I am going to buy a $4.50 /month hosting plan that supports multiple domains from http://www.cirtexhosting.com and put all my sites in the same place.

04-17-2006, 05:06 PM
I don't bother with any free hosting now. I just don't think there is no point for me.

04-23-2006, 11:58 AM
I agree with the fact that you should go with the paid. However, with that said, I have just tried out Office Live's free website for a basic local site and will post more later about my results.

The problems I have found so far with their sites are that you can't add your own html (at least I can't figure out how if you can), this means no adsense or affiliate money. The only way to build a site is through their page editor, which is easy but you can only add what they let you.

Anyone else use office live ?

12-26-2006, 10:02 AM
I also agree with that.

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