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12-14-2005, 07:07 PM

In an effort to help our Fastclick publishers better control their inventory, we have released new Default Manager features that will enable you to set eCPMs at which a percentage of impressions will be redirected to defaults of your choosing. We have done this by creating two default types, "floating" and "base" defaults.

Floating Default Campaigns

For each ad type, you can now create "floating" defaults, which are campaigns that are served when an eCPM defined by you is reached. You also determine the percentage (5-100%) of the impressions that should be redirected to each floating default campaign. These impressions can be redirected to your own default ad or to those of a 3rd party provider.

The benefit of creating floating defaults is that by adjusting the eCPM and percentage of traffic you are redirecting, you will be able to maximize your overall fill through the Fastclick interface. For example, if one of your 3rd party providers is only able to monetize 25% of your traffic, you can send them that 25% and allow the rest of your inventory to be filled through additional Fastclick campaigns or even other 3rd party providers. This method creates a flexible environment in which you have complete control over your traffic.

Base Defaults

You can also set base defaults, which function exactly like Fastclick's traditional default system. Base defaults are "last resort" defaults that will only be served when Fastclick is unable to fill an impression request with a paid ad.

We hope you enjoy these new features and use them to maximize your fill and gain even greater control over your inventory. For more information about these new features, please view the "Setting Up a Floating Default Campaign" tutorial the Info Center.

Thank you,

Chad Peplinski

Director of Media

ValueClick Media/Fastclick

This is pretty good IMO.

12-14-2005, 10:08 PM
Nice! This is what I've been hoping for from FC for a long time. The "floating" feature is pretty cool too, and something I haven't seen elsewhere.