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09-13-2005, 10:50 PM
Are you allowed to use images which are posted on the Wikipedia site?

I can't figure it out :confused:

09-14-2005, 12:36 AM
Not sure if this is any help but I found this in the TOS/Disclaimer/Copyright on Wikipedia -

"Image guidelines
Images and photographs, like written works, are subject to copyright. Someone owns them unless they have been explicitly placed in the public domain. Images on the internet need to be licensed directly from the copyright holder or someone able to license on their behalf. In some cases, fair use guidelines may allow a photograph to be used.

Image description pages can be tagged with a special tag to indicate the legal status of the images, as described at Wikipedia:Image copyright tags. It is currently unclear what should happen in cases where the same image has been uploaded more than once with different respective copyright statements.

U.S. government photographs
Works produced by civilian and military employees of the United States federal government in the scope of their employment are public domain by statute. However, note that, despite popular misconception, the U.S. Federal Government can own copyrights that are assigned to it by others. As a general rule photographs on .mil and .gov sites are public domain. However there are some notable exceptions. Check the privacy and security notice of the website. It should also be noted that governments outside the U.S. often do claim copyright over works produced by their employees (for example, Crown Copyright in the United Kingdom). Also, most state and local governments in the United States do not place their work into the public domain and do in fact own the copyright to their work. Please be careful to check ownership information before copying.

UK Crown Copyright
The UK Office of Public Sector Information, formerly HMSO, has told us:

Crown copyright protection in published material lasts for fifty years from the end of the year in which the material was first published. Therefore [for example] material published [fifty-one years ago], and any Crown copyright material published before that date, would now be out of copyright, and may be freely reproduced throughout the world. [1]

Celebrity photographs
This is based on the image guidelines at IMDB, so it especially applies to celebrity photographs, but also can apply to other pictures. Legitimate photographs generally come from three different places with permission.

The studios, producers, magazine publisher, or media outlet that originally shot the photograph.
Agencies that represent the photographers who shot the photos or the photographer themself (the latter especially for amateur photographs)
Submissions from the celebrity himself or herself or a legal representative of the celebrity. "

09-14-2005, 12:58 AM
Thanks Kate - that is the same bit I couldn't work out...

Ah - I've found it - you click on an image and it gives you the usage information - the image I wanted can only be used for educational purposes... bugger