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04-19-2005, 04:10 AM
Just had a promotional mail through from another site, thought it was an original approach so thought I'd share...

e-mail as below, (note the link at the bottom)...plus keyword rich article...

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Hi Topcat,

Diabetes is a common condition that seems to be on the increase, causing considerable suffering to its victims. It also puts a considerable strain on the economy with both medical costs, and absences from work.

Since many of its complications are preventable with a bit of knowledge, I thought this article might be of interest to readers of Dr. Phil Diet Information.

Please free to reprint it in any of your newsletters or websites, along with its resource box.

Thank you in advance for taking a look at it.


Nancy Holmes
Information About Diabetes

You may be diagnosed with diabetes at any time in your life. Should you contract this disease, it will be important for you to participate in your own care. This will help put you in charge of controlling the disease's progress. You can find information about it in a number of places, but the best place to start is with your own physician. Your doctor will encourage you to practice self-care since you are responsible for how you live your life. By the way self-care for diabetes extends to those who haven't been diagnosed as well.

If you are at risk for this disease, inform yourself about
its symptoms and keep a close watch on what goes on within
your own body. Make it a habit to see your doctor on a
regular basis. If you are diagnosed, you will need to be diligent about your care, staying as healthy as possible. Your goal will be to avoid further the complications that diabetes can trigger.

Self-care practices include:
(1) Visit the doctor often, he or she will suggest a time
(2) Regular eye examinations, as eye problems often occur in the diabetic
(3) Make and keep an annual dental examination
(4) Do not smoke, if you are a smoker, quit!
(5) Make sure your diet is balanced and healthy
(6) Take good care of your feet as diabetes affects blood
flow to them and the results can be disastrous

When a person begins the process of self-care and assisting
in the management of their diabetes they feel as though they have more say in their care and more control.

A Diabetes Care Center is a great way to get additional
help from a medical source other than your doctor. A
diabetic care center is there to help you with all aspects
of your medical condition that includes helping you plan a
well balanced diet, help administering medication, help in evaluating which medical checkups you should be pursuing, and providing emotional support for you and your family. Diabetes Care Centers are also there to conduct research into finding a cure for diabetes.

Diabetes is a genetic disease as well as a disease that can manifest itself in the later years of life, particularly if the patient is over weight and has some unhealthy diet and exercise habits. If you are at risk for diabetes either through genetics or due to your lifestyle, you should be sure to have an annual doctor~s appointment so that you can have an early detection of diabetes if it is going to occur.

Nancy Holmes is the owner of Facts on Diabetes,
the web's premier resource for information about
<a href="http://www.factsondiabetes.com">Diabetes</a>,
For more articles on Diabetes visit: http://www.factsondiabetes.com/articles

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Topcat - thanks for sharing that. That is a clever approach.

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A classical example of email promotion