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03-21-2005, 01:10 PM
Webtechtalk.com has recently opened its doors to the public and already the site is becomming quite active.We have a few members but are recieving quite a number of hits.
We are currently looking out for new members and new moderators.

Bot Stats: http://webtechtalk.com/misc_stats/bots.JPG
Stats: http://webtechtalk.com/misc_stats/stats.JPG

We also have 20 slots of ad space, in short 10 slots for 88x31 banner and 10 slots for text links

88x31 for 1 month = $7.50 (3.90)
Text link= $5.00 (2.50)

Please note you are limited to 1 banner and 1 text link maximum per month.

If interested please email: sales@webtechtalk.com

Best Regards,
Matt Seymour