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02-23-2005, 06:20 PM
Touch Support Server Security Announcement

Touch Support, LLC.

Announces the newest edition to our industry leading line of server security and administration packages

Admin Lite
[49.95/mo. Per Server]
Touch Support is proud to offer our System Administration services for small and large businesses of all types requiring cutting-edge administration on non-hosting platforms, web hosting companies with in-house support teams, and dedicated server providers looking to offer Managed Dedicated Servers. We will:

* 1. Provide our leading ::Reaction:: server monitoring on 2 minute intervals
* 2. Provide ::Total Confidence:: troubleshooting of down daemons and services on your server
* 3. Do an initial security audit and update your server to correlate with best industry security practices and configuration
* 4. Perform Emergency Systems Administration
* 5. Continuously update all critical system software such as Kernels, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Sendmail, or Exim
* 6. Resecure a server should an intrusion occur
* 7. Restore a server from backups
* 8. Provide advice and assistance with advanced configuration issues
* 9. Provide you with piece of mind knowing that someone is always watching over your server's well being

Take advantage of our 50% discount offer, for the first 30 days, on all of our System Administration & Monitoring Packages.
Coupon Code: 022205FPOP
Questions, please contact: sales@touchsupport.com
Order Now: https://www.touchsupport.com/modernbill/order/

Also available with this offer are our other fine security and administration products

[$99.95/mo. per server]
Our flagship server administration package provides your company with a team of technicians whose sole responsibility is to maintain a small number of client servers. With Touch Support ::DEDICATED TECH::, your company will know what it's like having a team of IT staff on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

* 1. Provide ::Reaction:: Server monitoring
* 2. Provide ::Total Confidence:: administration
* 3. Perform an initial security audit and update your configuration to correlate with best industry practices
* 4. Perform emergency system administration
* 5. Continuously update Kernels, Apache, PHP, MySQL, and FrontPage extensions
* 6. Re-secure a server after intrusion
* 7. Restore a server from backup
* 8. Assist you with backup and general server technology decisions and implementation
* 9. Provide Level 3 support when purchased with regular web hosting support.

TOTAL CONFIDENCE Server monitoring, procedural response and advanced troubleshooting
[$29.95/mo. per machine]
With Touch Support TOTAL CONFIDENCE, you may rest assured that your server will remain online thanks to quick responses by server admins to service issues. We will:

* 1. Provide Reaction Server monitoring
* 2. Troubleshoot/Repair Service Issues:
* 3. Fix Apache issues which cause an outage
* 4. Fix MySQL, BIND issues which cause an outage
* 5. Fix Exim, Cpanel issues which cause an outage
* 6. Attempt to thwart a DOS attack

REACTION Server monitoring with procedural response
[$19.95/mo. per server]
Our custom tailored monitoring service provides a unique solution to server events. We will collaborate with you to write a detailed procedure for how our staff will handle a server incident.

* 1. Monitor Web server daemons on 2 minute intervals
* 2. 11 standard services and up to 2 custom services
* 3. Custom procedural response that our staff will follow!

Please contact us for volume discounts!