View Full Version : fitness site admin needed

02-22-2005, 01:21 PM
hi, i own a site, ive pretty much finished it,
www.fitnessfanatic.info but unfrtunately ive just got a full tme job, basically i have an offer for you,
I have forums on the site but i dont have time to finish the site, promote it spend time makeing loads of posts and just generally trying to get people to the site,
so my offer is simple, i put your google ads (or any other type of banner ad company you use, no pop ups/unders) on the forums and in return you admin the site, you promote it advertise get people to sig up etc, in return you get to keep all the pofit from the forums ( i get the money from the rest of the site as in the main pages)
you get to choose the template,
the categories etc,
if you want to have people help out then thats fine but that comes from what you earn

basically i want someone who is interested in fitness and or nutrition

i will help out as much as possible and post on the site but i dont have the time to do what i would like, all costs for hosting/domain will be covered by me

so if your interested either post here or pm me with your interest - either health/fitness/nutrition etc any previous experience on running forums (not needed as i can show you how)

and thats it,


(sorry if wrong forum)