View Full Version : FREE Hosting for WSP Members

01-22-2005, 02:57 AM
I have an under-used dedicated server, and am offering space (and healthy bandwidth) on it for FREE (with some conditions, natch).

What you'll get for free.

* 300MB space (more if you need it, depending of course)
* 30GB bandwidth (www, ftp, mail)
* Cpanel + Fantastico
* 5 MySQL databases
* Shell access if you can explain WHY you need it
* DAILY backups
* Basic MSN/email support. I won't fix your scripts (at least not for free), and it isn't 24/7 support, but I'll be there if you need questions
* You do not get a dedicated IP. Sorry.
* If you need specific RPMs or other dependencies to get things working, I'll be happy to consider them. The server has quite a few already, including ImageMagick, GD 2 etc.
* Up to 5 domain names on one account. All sites must be yours, and have my link (see below).

What do I expect in exchange? A link in the footer on all your pages, pointing to my main site (www.markbridgeman.com)

All for FREE! (No refunds!:p)

This server is stable, has only been rebooted once (I think) since I bought it 7 months ago.

Please PM me if you're interested - setup can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 12 hours, depending on if I'm online. If you have MSN, message me at mahke@hotmail.com (this is NOT a working email address) and we can get rolling.